Aimic Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing is a service to a homogeneous community of end-recipients using integrated computing infrastructure, such as networks, system and applications to share resources within the company to achieve coherence and a centralized database.

  • Cloud Strategy & Planning, Cloud Integration, Cloud Migration, Cloud Systems
  • Management, and Autonomic Computing.
  • Cloud Computing Readiness Assessments and Cloud Strategy Road maps.
  • Cloud Computing Architecture, Migration, Integration, Implementation Strategies
  • Private Cloud Design, Microsoft Active Directory infrastructure; Citrix, Microsoft, and
  • VMware: Server, Presentation, VDI, and Application Virtualization technologies
  • Cloud security and compliance
  • J2EE application server design and development
  • Java Architecture and Cloud Framework Design
  • Management of high-volume and distributed enterprise web services
  • Targeted internet marketing, system performance management, systems architecture
  • Single-sign-on servers, textual information retrieval system